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  1. karahorse2397 Apr 28, 2016

    School keeps me pretty busy at this time... Sorry guys, I'll be online if I get time... Until then, see ya guys...

  2. myri-chan Jan 13, 2016

    Quote by karahorse2397

    I'll try to get in... But don't know if I have time today.. I'll see.. or else I will try later...

    Anytime you want lil sis am always here :)

  3. myri-chan Jan 12, 2016

    Quote by karahorse2397Hi ^^
    Sorry, I haven't been in lately... Happy new year, a little late though...
    There has just been much going on now...
    My head is not where it should be... Can't concentrate, can't smile or anything,... Seems like the sadness cought up on me again.... This time, attacking someone in my family... I'll tell u about it somewhere else if u wanna know... But this time, it's not only me who got hit by the sadness...

    Hello Kara,
    No problem, lets meet on skype so we can talk about it. hope to see you today lil sis *warm hugs*

  4. myri-chan Dec 31, 2015

    I Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2016, Kara! :)


  5. myri-chan Dec 24, 2015

    Merry Christmas, KARA :)


  6. myri-chan Mar 17, 2015

    Quote by karahorse2397Thnx sis :3 I'll check skype soon I guess... just been busy :/ every teacher wants to have a test... and they can't have just one chapter... nope.. they need to have 2,3,4 chapters at one time :( teachers -_-
    Soon a little vacation again XD though XD hahaha.. u know.. EASTER :P hahaha well... next week.. we'll have a project-day in school.. I'm going to use the whole day at school... we will have a concert in the evening..... and the next day, I'll have a mock-exam in norwegian -_-

    Sorry lil sis net problems >.>
    dont apologize too much hehe i know just focus on your studies ganbare :)
    sounds intressting have fun sis take care see you soon ~

  7. myri-chan Mar 10, 2015

    Quote by karahorse2397Well... school... and since it's the music school... then I will have some extra exams and stuff :/ well... whatever xD I'll survive I guess xD hahaha
    and yeah... I really hope so too... I'm often using my school-laptop... so I don't use my privat that much.. that's why I'm not in skype..

    Yes its awesome i love music ^^ so that's why you are not coming on skype and you're right .MT is much better ^^
    good luck lil sis !

  8. myri-chan Mar 10, 2015

    Quote by karahorse2397Thank u...
    Well... soon we will start with all the mock-exams and exams :( gonna be busy and lot to do...
    And once again we have gotten a week with 4 exams in row... Monday to Thursday.. EXAMS :( but that's in the end of April... so still some time left....
    And glad u are fine :3

    poor lil sis a lot of exams study hard but relax time to time just do your best dont push yourself :)
    hope when all the exams finish we chat on skype :) *hugs*

  9. myri-chan Mar 04, 2015

    Quote by karahorse2397Thank u my dear sis :3
    How are u?
    Sorry.. long time no see.... been busy with school... :/

    no need to thank me my dear lil sis <3
    i am fine thank you yes i understand you have top focus on your studies first
    ganbare! good luck take care :)

  10. myri-chan Mar 02, 2015

    H a p p y B i r t h d a y ! KARA :D *gives you a cake*



  11. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2015

    hey thanks for adding me *adds back*
    best of luck for exams!

  12. karahorse2397 Feb 22, 2015

    So people have been asking for me?
    I have no idea if anyone sees this message, but if someone does... well...
    I've been pretty busy with school...
    There's a lot to do in school... Teachers wants test, projects and so on...
    I felt dead... But now.... I'll have a vacation... this week... I'll have vacation...
    Hoping to save up some energy again... Being ready for exams after the short vacation :/
    Well... I'll try to be online more often...
    Until then, see ya guys...

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